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Do more than Humanly possible with Incorporation.AI
An advanced Artificial Intelligence company delivering simplified AI solutions to complex business problems for organisations.


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AI Delivery

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Demystify AI delivery process for Middle Management

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AI Ultimate

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AI model training for Analysts, Engineers & Developers

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AI Intro

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Primer on AI for Senior Management

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AI Strategy

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Get AI strategy

in sync with Corporate Strategy

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AI Value

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Quantified value of AI transformation

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AI Roadmap

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Company's AI path laid out

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Get Proof of Concept to production-ready models

AI Model

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AI Apps

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Get AI embedded applications

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AI Ops

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AI Monitoring, Retraining and Lifecycle Management


With Incorporation.AI, your machine learning applications deploy seamlessly and naturally to the cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises, edge, or anywhere your business lives.
Our platform choices are secure, feature rich and economical

What AI can do?

Discover Insights
Predict Outcomes
Automate Process

Business Outcomes

Increase Revenue
Reduce Cost
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Save Time
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Ready to Accelerate AI Adoption?


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Product Search

Retail Search makes your products visible online so that they're easy to find and purchase. Creates a frictionless, seamless shopping experience that increases conversion and sales.

Visual Search.jpg
Visual Search

This is when customers search for products using images.This leads to increased basketsize and conversions.

Shelf Auditing (Video).jpeg
Shelf Auditing

It is used to make sure that products are displayed on the shelf for the customers to find them.

Personalized Product Recommendations.jpg
Personalized Product Recommendation

Personalized recommendations are based on user behavior. This involves items frequently viewed, considered, or purchased with the one the customer is currently considering.

Explore all use cases & industries
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