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AI Factory


What is an AI.Factory?

An AI.Factory is digital clone or digital twin or virtual replica of a company’s assets, systems, or processes that can be used to run simulations or make predictions.



Why are Digital Twins Important?

AI.Factory is designed to detect and prevent problems, predict performance, and optimize processes through real-time analytics to deliver business value. It allows businesses to perform analyses and monitor physical assets, systems, and processes to gain insights, identify problems before they occur, prevent downtime, and develop predictions virtually without the need to dedicate large amounts of material resources to the effort.


How is it done?

Any business can be broken down into a set of tasks that are weaved in a workflow and performed by the employees. At present, these tasks are very hard, if not impossible to imbibe in bits and bytes. But with the help of AI/ ML, Analytics and business logic, it is a custom solution that creates a digital twin of the company using combination of AI.Minions, AI.Workers, analytics and business logic.

How enables Organizations to use AI.Factory?

Incorporation.AI enables organizations to leverage their existing enterprise systems, data stores, and disparate data sources by unifying their data into an AI Digital Twin on a unified object model. This virtualization allows customers to gain critical business insights through simulations of their processes, assets, or systems.

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